As an reinsurance broker we are able to provide Treaty and Facultative reinsurance related services to our clients, helping them place under reinsurance coverage even the most complex and diversified insurance risks by some of the world leading global reinsurance companies on best-in-class reinsurance solutions and premiums. We cooperate with some of the best and largest global reinsurers, that are financial rated from the major ratings agencies and have excellent financial ratings by S&P and A.M.Best.

Our services

We help our clients to use innovative reinsurance solutions best suited their needs, as a spread risk mechanism which enables them to function more efficiently on market. This allows them capacity to write larger risks (with higher sums insured), to protect themselves against a single, catastrophic loss or multiple large losses, and to stabilise overall operating results from year to year. Expertise from reinsurer also provides a valuable source of underwriting information when entering a new line of insurance or a new market and helps the reinsured spread the risk on new lines of business until premium volume reaches a certain point of maturity.

In cooperation with our clients we:

  1. Review and evaluate the individual risk (Facultative) or block of business (Treaty) that needs reinsurance coverage
  2. Evaluation of the current Treaty if one is already set-up
  3. Making Risk survey for reinsurer underwriting team risk assessment & quotations
  4. Submitting risk or block business to panel of our reinsurance partners, according to their risk appetite and available risk capacity
  5. Negotiate the reinsurance coverage on behalf of the client – primary company with reinsurance
  6. Help understanding terms and conditions and additional clauses applicable
  7. Make comparison with alternative reinsurance coverage types, when appropriate

Total support

We can intermediate and provide services in both types of reinsurance arrangements on the market:

  1. FACULTATIVE REINSURANCE – reinsurance transacted on an individual risk basis. The ceding company has the option to offer an individual risk to the reinsurer and he retains the right to accept or reject the risk.
  2. TREATY REINSURANCE – a transaction encompassing a block of the ceding company’s book of business. The reinsurer must accept all business included within the terms of the reinsurance contract.

Our capabilities

  • Property│Commercial and Industrial
  • Catastrophe Exposures│Earthquake, Flood & Windstorm│EQ carve outs
  • Engineering│Machinery Breakdown, CAR/EAR
  • Liability lines│GTPL- Product- Professional indemnity│Environment│D&O
  • Accident & health
  • Marine & energy
  • Cargo
  • Credit & bond