RISK Partner LLC. is founded and launched in September 2017 with main offices in Zagreb, Croatia, for brokerage services in insurance and reinsurance, dedicated to be different and simplifying risk management.

Thanks to our international experience with world leading insurers and reinsurers, we are following new trends and are able to offer most sophisticated products and solutions different form classic that are present on the market.

As insurance and reinsurance intermediary we hold law obligatory professional indemnity insurance covering the whole territory of the the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) against liability arising from professional negligence with sum insured

  • EUR 1 250 000 applying to each claim and in aggregate
  • EUR 1 850 000 per year in total for all claims

Company profile

Full Company│RISK PARTNER limited liability company for insurance and reinsurance brokerage

Registered address│Prisavlje 10, HR-Zagreb
Legal form│Limited Liability Company (LLC.)
Business activity│Insurance and reinsurance brokerage

Competent Trade Court│Trade Court in Zagreb
Trade Court Company Register Number (MBS)│081123475
Founding Capital│200.000,00 HRK, paid in cash in full
Company registration date│September 18, 2017

Company managing person - represents the company individually and independently

  1. Nikola ĆAĆIĆ│director
  2. Bojan LIŠKA│ director

Information on Company authorised and licenced brokers in insurance & reinsurance

  1. Bojan LIŠKA│Kornatska 1a, Zagreb│HANFA registar broj PO 474
  2. Nikola ĆAĆIĆ│Prisavlje 10, Zagreb│HANFA registar broj PO 478