Welcome to RISK Partner LLC│ Your “go to” broker for insurance & reinsurance

We are diversified, dynamic & responsive “go to broker” on Croatia market for insurance & reinsurance brokerage, employing outstanding team of individuals with extensive expert knowledge and with 15+ years of experience in the insurance market and one of the largest private owned Insurance Group in Croatia. The insurers with whom we have business relations have a combined market share of 98% in the non-life insurance premium, so we are able to get quotes and summarize them from the entire insurance market in the Republic of Croatia!

Founded in 2017, RISK Partner LLC. is growing rapidly and offers a range of specialist expertise, products and high level services to clients from our offices in Zagreb, Croatia

Our focus is on in-depth expert knowledge, insurance market expertise, specialist client focus for building strong, sustainable relationships and client service excellence.

Insurance broker role

Insurance companies rely on insurance brokers to supply applications/clients for evaluation and quoting. To maximize efficiency, each company will recognize only one broker per account – this is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first broker to submit an application to the underwriter will become the broker of record. The underwriter will assume that the first broker to submit the application was the client’s first choice.

However, the client may at any time be free to choose which broker-broker he / she wants to work, and so to change the broker-broker, especially if he is dissatisfied with the quality of the service, expertise or performance of the current broker-broker. If one chooses to change brokers, they must execute a broker of record letter.

Brokers advantages:

  • Experience & High Performance
    Brokers place hundreds of insurance treaties with the most of the insurers in the country and reinsurers in Europe
  • Global Overview
    Broker can get quotations and make expert comparison of prices and coverages on the market and be in line with newest market trends
  • Technical Support
    dedicated to client, pricing, knowledge about new, products, markets etc.

You can submit the Broker of Record Letter (BOR) to RISK Partner LLC. by downloading our BOR letter HERE or on the right menu and send it to us signed by post or email.

When to sign a broker of record letter ?

When it comes to complex insurance products, clients rather have an expert look for an appropriate insurance for them. More often than not, they aren’t sure which product of which insurer suits them best. Also, if client is simply unhappy with the quality of service or performance of his current agent/broker, he can appoint  the new broker that has more experience in client class of business, expert knowledge and expertise, or a higher degree of technical insurance knowledge specific to client business.

The broker of record letter is a serious document that accomplishes the following:

  • Suspends the current broker’s ability to negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company.
  • Terminates the business relationship between you and your current agent/broker.
  • Confirms the appointment of a new broker, giving that broker the sole ability to negotiate with the insurance underwriters for you.
  • Provides access to any underwriting information, proposals, policy information, or other information related to your insurance account.

The “new” appointed insurance broker will send the signed BOR to the insurance companies. The insurer can choose to notify the previous insurance broker by sending a copy of the signed BOR letter confirming the change. The insurance company will allow previous broker five days to obtain a reversing BOR letter. This is known as a “rescinding period.” Many times the “fired” broker tells underwriters not to release any information, and will force the client to wait the entire five days. They have no intention or ability to obtain a reversing BOR, but want to delay the process as long as they can. This attitude is unprofessional, and only serves to punish the client. A simple explanation to your previous broker clearly explaining the reasons for the change usually ensures a smooth and seamless change.

It is extremely important for clients to clearly understand the effects of signing a broker of record letter (BOR). It is very important that you select a knowledgeable, competent insurance broker who is contracted with almost 100 % of the insurance underwriters available, and provides you with a complete summary of all the quotes received

Our services & innovative solutions

When it comes to complex products, clients rather have an expert look for an appropriate insurance for them !

RISK Partner is focused to provide tailored risk management solutions, insurance & reinsurance brooking, risk consulting, insurance & reinsurance program management services and analytics – to business corporations, organisations or private individuals – ensuring that they are properly protected with no gaps and helping our clients achieve most cost-effective risk solution, especially for the most challenging risks on the market.

We bring unlimited creativity, passion and supreme expertise to the table !

Our industry respected team of dedicated highly-skilled experts, using the insight gained from years of experience in underwriting, claims management and other relevant disciplines is constantly developing innovative, flexible risk solutions for our insurance and reinsurance clients! Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to understand risks of the presence and forward-think about risks of the future.

Total Support in Risk management

From small businesses to large corporations or individual private clients, we never forget the importance of every individual client. Our team will get to know your business inside out and give you the confidence and reassurance that you are properly covered, both now and in the future managing your risks.

Our partners in insurance are leading insurance companies in Croatia

  • ALLIANZ insurance
  • CROATIA insurance
  • EUROHERC insurance
  • GENERALI insurance
  • HOK insurance
  • IZVOR insurance
  • ADRIATIC insurance
  • SAVA insurance
  • TRIGLAV insurance
  • UNIQA insurance
  • Vereinigte Hagelversicherung VVaG,
  • WIENER – Vienna Insurance Group

In reinsurance brokerage we work with world leading reinsurance companies like:

  • Swiss RE
  • Munich RE
  • Hannover RE
  • XL Catlin
  • Aspen RE
  • Sirius RE
  • other….